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Welcome to Dr. Gadget's lair a.k.a. the Bat Cave!

Sylvester & Tweety

Professionally, I am actively involved in supporting Open Source Software (Free as in Speech - Linux, BSD, et al), and have a number of business interests including a Consulting company specializing in Free Software.

Dr. Gadget in Reality

The true theme behind the Dr. Gadget nickname is the fact that I enjoy many different kinds of toys (and the pursuits that require and/or utilize them)! My office normally has at least seven different computers on my desk (with connections for 12) .. I enjoy many interesting toys like airplanes (my personal toy is perhaps my favorite, .. see what you think), .. a decent hardware laboratory for times when I am bored of software, .. mechanical support and shop facilities (though these areas have not been cleaned up enough in recent years to snatch a picture <smile>!), .. and, of course, many different varieties of playtoy that are only viewable to those with proper security access! 

Our Digs

We live in a really neat house with some interesting facilities for partying - like the lounge, designed and built by the good Doctor with a lot of construction help from one of our closest friends, a stage for dance performances (including the obligatoy brass poles, of course) and the comic performances some of our friends like to present, and we also have a really nice hot tub on the patio. (It's really a trip to walk crunching through the snow and jump into the water at 103 degrees! Not as much fun in the summer time, .. we usually cool the water off a bit during July and August.) 

Trips and Travel

We went to the VisionAire 500 recently, and go to Pondarosa or Sun Aura frequently. We have also been known to fly to Daytona for Reflections, and have been on going to Fantasy Chicago and a number of other conventions in Chicago.

Mexico in December 2004

Goldie and I decided we needed a break, so we went back to Cancun in December, .. (photo at top of us in the lobby) we stayed at Desire, the new Lifestyle Resort South of Cancun. We were only there five days, so we spent absolutely as much time as we could on the beach, start at sunrise! If anyone would like a nice resort south of Cancun that is lifestyle friendly, check out Desire, or the CRC! (Honestly, the food was better at CRC, but it was a much smaller resort and they were only cooking for the 10 couples there; the nice restaurant at Desire was first rate, but it is only available for a small number of couples on a nightly basis).

Mexico in November 1998

Goldie and I were in Mexico in 1998, .. where we stayed at the Carribean Reef Club, .. visited the ruins at Tulum, Chitizenitza, swam with the Dolpins at Puerto Plata, shopped in Cancuun, and got rid of our tan lines! If anyone would like a nice resort south of Cancun that is lifestyle friendly, check out CRC!

Holiday in New Zealand!

I spent almost an entire month a few years ago in New Zealand (with family), .. and thought some of you might enjoy the sights! I brought back 13 rolls of film, but some of the panaromic shots are really neat. The beach at Awaroa, with my sister and I in the distance, where we stayed at the Awaroa Lodge (in the Abel Tasman National Forest, on the North tip of the South Island), .. another of the beaches at Kaikora - the eastern side of the South Island, near one of the deep Pacific trenches - where went for a whale watching trip, .. one of the grand of waterfalls at the Milford Sound (really a fiord - it was created by a glacier), and Milford Sound itself. 

What we believe, .. and live

We are advocates of personal freedom and choice, supporting many of the lifestyle special interest clubs and groups both locally and nationally.

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